Our Indoor Play Space

Inspired by the Waldorf philosophy of early childhood development, our indoor playground features a range of custom-produced wooden play structures, and a collection of high-quality European and American toys all made from natural materials. Our toys are cleaned on a daily basis, and old or broken items are removed and recycled so that The Little Treehouse remains fresh for our customers. To keep our play floor clean, the carpeted area is a ‘shoe free zone’.

The playground is within view of the restaurant, and is separated from the entrance by an interior gate, making it easy for parents to keep an eye on their children playing, while relaxing and taking a little time for themselves.

The Value of Play

In an increasingly hectic world, at The Little Treehouse we believe passionately in the value of un-structured play for children in a safe, wholesome, environment. We are a low-tech facility, where the play experience is designed to promote the development of childrens imaginations, inspiring a spirit of invention and a sense of adventure.

Instant Play Date

Moms (and dads) and kids need to socialize, however with busy and diverse schedules play dates can be difficult to coordinate. The Little Treehouse is a place where parents can drop in any time and find a warm welcome, people to talk to, and great coffee. No planning. No scheduling. Open seven days a week. Simple. Affordable.