Kids’ Collections

Kids’ Collections

Little Treehouse’s Weekly Fun and Stressless Project: Showcasing (Storing) Kids’ Summer Collections

 Children are natural collectors. A simple walk in the park with your preschooler can leave you carrying an unwieldy armful of sticks, pinecones, and rocks. Your six-year-old loves to save every shell she finds on the beach. Ten-year-olds may love to scoop up promotional postcards at coffee shops. It seems sad to ditch all this stuff, but you don’t want to end up on Season Three of Hoarders either. 

Reigning in collections can turn into a cool art project or storage system that even little ones like maintaining. Here are a few ideas:

Rocks/Shells/Sea-glass/Pinecones: Pick up a largish, sturdy (and inexpensive) mason jar from Ikea or your local housewares store, and your child can stow her collection inside it. This way, she can see and display it in her room.

Tags/Postcards: Children seem to enjoy shuffling through their paper-stuffs collections like a deck of cards. Use an old tin, or cover an old shoebox in something festive, and they’ll have a proper and pretty storage container.

 Sticks/Twigs: Bundled, or arranged in size-appropriate, vases, sticks and twigs can make rustic bouquets, either for their rooms or showcased in the family living areas.

Wrappers: To you, yucky trash; to them, prime treasure. If they want to keep it, have them collage it and display the resulting artwork in their room. Also, they might like to glue wrappers onto cleaned-out jam and peanut butter jars to make pencil holders or vases.



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