The Philadelphia Inquirer on The Little Treehouse

Hanging with the rug rats

By Amy Z. Quinn
Posted on Wed, May. 27, 2009

Opening a place for adults to socialize that would welcome kids, too – that was both a business and an adventure for Rachael Williams.

It would be tempting, though not exactly right, to call the Little Treehouse Play Cafe “Starbucks for Sprouts.” Nor would it be completely accurate to call it “Chuck E. Cheese’s, Hold the Cheese,” though both get close to explaining the just-opened play space and cafe in Chestnut Hill.

Part coffee shop, part indoor playground, part Internet cafe, this is the as-yet partially realized vision of Rachael Williams – and the result of a good idea meeting a big opportunity, when indulging a passion means putting everything you have at stake.

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NBC Philadelphia Visits The Little Treehouse

The NBC10 Foodies stop by for a visit:

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