A “Third Place” For Families


It all started with a mom — Rachael. She wanted to create a special place for herself, her 3 daughters, and for other parents to relax, find community, and spend quality family time during the early years of their children’s lives.

Rachael’s vision was to create a “Third Place” outside of home and work for families facing the challenges of raising small children.

Rachael believed that parents of young children need the opportunity to relax and restore their sanity over a high quality cup of freshly-brewed coffee in the company of people who speak in complete sentences.

Rachael believed in creating a beautiful space which would make both adults and children feel happy and at home. She worked carefully to create a design which would provide a satisfying and joyful environment for all members of the family. She took the rich colors and vibrant images of West African folk art to create a look and feel with multicultural elements which would be representative of her own adoptive family and of the diverse range of customers who enjoy The Little Treehouse.

Who Says You Can’t Play With Your Food?

Rachael believes that parents should be able to eat out when their children are little, without spending mealtimes chasing small people around crowded restaurants. So, she created a place where children are actually encouraged to “eat and run”!

Just Because You Have A Child Doesn’t Mean You Have To Eat Like One

Rachael was weary of the typical menu at kid-oriented establishments. She created a family-friendly restaurant with a sophisticated menu for adults and healthy choices for kids. No chicken nuggets. No fries.

A Touch of Class

Rachael liked to take her children to enrichment classes, but she found the experience not great value for a lot of driving and 45 minutes of learning. 

Rachael knew she could create a much more rewarding experience for parents. At The Little Treehouse parents bringing kids to class can make a morning of it. There’s play before and after class, there’s the food the coffee, the wi-fi, the opportunity for moms and kids to socialize. What’s more, because Rachael values her regular customers so highly, The Little Treehouse is now offering families taking weekly classes unlimited free play, any time, plus a range of other great benefits under a brand new Membership program.

Instant Play Date

As a single mom* Rachael longed for a place where she could find instant community. Play dates take organizing. And then the kid gets sick or naps late. She created a place where parents can drop in any time and find a warm welcome, people to talk to, and great coffee. No planning. No scheduling. Open seven days a week. Simple. Affordable.

*(Rachael adopted her kids solo. She is now married to a wonderful man named Paul.)

The Value of Play

Rachael believes passionately in the value of unstructured play in a beautiful, safe, wholesome, low-tech environment made from all-natural materials. She took the inspiration for the design of her play space from her children’s school, which follows the Waldorf philosophy of early childhood development, a 100 year old educational movement with its roots in post World War One Europe

Challenging But Rewarding

Making the dream of The Little Treehouse a reality has been a long road for Rachael: a marathon not a sprint. Sometimes it is very hard. But standing back and watching families and their beautiful children enjoying her creation brings her great joy and makes it all worthwhile.

She sends a hearty thank you and a warm welcome to all her Little Treehouse supporters, past, present and future.